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About Us

Guardian Solicitors and Conveyancers is a general law practice with a strong focus on Conveyancing, Wills & Estates, Family Law and Commercial Law. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we deliver that personal touch to all our clients.

We employ staff dedicated to the delivery of client service and going the extra mile. We achieve this by creating an appropriate workplace culture that allows our people to be client focused. We utilise the latest information technology to provide cost efficient services and fast turn around which feeds into client satisfaction.

Our brand is our service which allows us to create a niche in a seemingly overcrowded legal market.

Meet Our Team

Lesley Myers J.P. - Director

Lesley's 40 years plus experience as a paralegal specialising in conveyancing in Sydney and Papua New Guinea sees her well known to real estate buyers and sellers as well as real estate agents and solicitors from other firms throughout Sydney, which is why she is consulted by other firm's solicitors about peculiar issues that arise in conveyancing from time to time. Lesley has an excellent understanding of all aspects of conveyancing, including work involving Torrens Title, Strata Title and Old System conveyancing, subdivision and multistorey developments and as well as matters relating to advising on mortgages. Lesley has been appointed a Justice of the Peace.

Lesley Myers, Director, Guardian Solicitors & Conveyancers



Leesa Noney - Office Manager

Since moving from the medical to the legal profession 15 years ago, Leesa is responsible for all the administrative and accounting functions of the business. Her dedication to successfully managing law firms for the past 15 years has ensured that Guardian Solicitors & Conveyancers continues to go from strength to strength.

Leesa Noney, Directory, Guardian Solicitors & Conveyancers



Trevor Myers J.P. - Chief Operations Officer

Over the past 40 years Trevor has held senior management positions with national and international companies both in Australia and overseas in various industries including insurance and reinsurance, financial planning and auditing and has consulted to various large and small businesses to help them improve their top line performance. This has given him the experience and knowledge that is so essential in operating a successful business under challenging conditions. His involvement with the legal profession has been constant in practically all his managerial and business roles and gives him a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed in this business.
Trevor is responsible for all the operational and strategic elements of the business, including sales and marketing. Trevor has been appointed a Justice of the Peace.

Trevor Myers, COO, Guardian Solicitors & Conveyancers



Grace Silveira - Legal Practitioner Director

Grace is a senior lawyer who brings over 25yrs of experience in general practice law. She has managed and run a practice on her own for over 13yrs.  Family Law, Franchise Agreements, Civil Litigation, Debts/Insolvency and Employment/Industrial Relations matters are Grace's speciality areas of law along with Small business transactions, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Wills and Estates & Elder Law.

Grace Silveira, Legal Practitioner Directory, Guardian Solicitors & Conveyancers


Tahnee Tran- Solicitor

Tahnee is an experienced solicitor who has a passion for property and estate law including assisting clients with residential and commercial conveyancing, Leases, Option Agreements, Probate, Wills, Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardians.  Tahnee's exceptional client service and manner see many of her client's return to see her time after time as a result of the trust and rapport developed throughout their legal matters.












We are a member of the Law Society for NSW.